Not for Credit

Students across the School of Public Health want to engage with their communities and are available for relevant volunteer and not-for-credit internship experiences.  


Volunteering involves unpaid activity  that benefits  individuals and/or groups.  Students might volunteer for a cause or purpose they are passionate about, and the time spent on these one-time, short-term, or ongoing activities can vary a lot.   


Internships completed not-for-credit are still a carefully monitored experience in which the student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience.  Internships, paid or unpaid, typically are more closely connected to a student’s professional career goals than volunteer work and often require a commitment during certain hours or over a period of time.  

Earning academic credit for internships, although not necessary for some students or agencies, may allow for engagement at a deeper level since academic goals and requirements are integrated into the experience.  Students pay for academic credit and are encouraged to work closely with their programs to determine how, if at all, internships might be incorporated.