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University of Washington School of Public Health

Annual SPH Awards of Excellence

The SPH Awards recognize exemplary staff, faculty, students, and community partners for their dedication, service, and many contributions they make to our School.

Past Recipients

Gilbert S. Omenn Award

Year Recipient Department
2000 Kelly Stainback-Tracy Health Services
2001 Cheryl Anderson Epidemiology
2002 Jennifer Doherty Epidemiology
2003 Ana Gervassi Pathobiology
2004 Janice Bell Health Services
2005 Sharon Bogan Health Services
  Holly Janes Biostatistics
2006 Jay Smith Environmental Health
  Bhavna Chohan Pathobiology
2007 Victor Van Hee Environmental Health
  Jeanne Sears Health Services
2008 Janessa Graves Environmental Health
  Beth Thielen Global Health
  Carolyn Hutter Biostatistics & Epidemiology
2009 Marisa Harrison Global Health
  Rick Neitzel Environmental Health
2010 Anna Talman Global Health
  Youyi Fong Biostatistics
2011 Anna Schmidt DEOHS Master's Student
  Zoe Edelstein Epidemiology Doctoral Student

Outstanding Teaching Award

Year Recipient Department
1987 Thomas D. Koepsell Health Services / Epidemiology
1988 Barbara McKnight Biostatistics
1989 Elaine M. Faustman Environmental Health
1990 Thomas R. Fleming Biostatistics
1991 Michelle Bell Health Services
1992 Noel S. Weiss Epidemiology
1993 J. Emily White Epidemiology
1994 T.E. Raghunathan Biostatistics
1995 James L. Gale Epidemiology
1996 William E. Barlow Biostatistics
1997 George E. Kenny Pathobiology
1998 Terrance Kavanagh Environmental Health
1999 Scott S. Emerson Biostatistics
2000 Michael S. Morgan Environmental Health
2001 David Grembowski Health Services
2002 Stephen Bazruchka Health Services
  William Daniel Environmental Health
2003 Sharyne Shiu-Thornton Health Services
2004 Aaron Katz Health Services
2005 Elizabeth Kirk Pathobiology
2006 Barbara McKnight Biostatistics
2007 James Hughes Biostatistics
2008 Elaine Faustman Environmental Health
2009 Patrick Heagerty Biostatistics
2010 Edward Walker Health Services
2011 William Daniel DEOHS

Outstanding Mentor Award

Year Recipient Department
2003 Amy Hagopian Health Services
2004 Matthew Keifer Environmental Health
2005 Frederick Zimmerman Health Services
2006 Beti Thompson Health Services
  Ted White Pathobiology
2007 Allen Cheadle Health Services
2008 Laura Koutsky Epidemiology
2009 Johanna Lampe Epidemiology
2010 Polly Newcomb Epidemiology
2011 Gayle Reiber Health Services & Epidemiology

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Year Recipient Department
1998 Tammy Shields Epidemiology
  Susan Ewing Biostatistics
1999 Aruna Kamineni Epidemiology
  Julie Ohmes Stoner Biostatistics
2000 Sebastien Haneuse Biostatistics
2001 Laura Lee Johnson Biostatistics
2002 Benjamin French Biostatistics
2003 Benjamin French Biostatistics
  Joanna Scott  
2004 Carolyn Hutter Epidemiology
2005 Andy Bogart Biostatistics
2006 Colleen Griffiths Biostatistics
2007 Mark Giganti Biostatistics
2008 Ali Rowhani-Rahbar Epidemiology
2009 Kristen Upson Epidemiology
2010 Rachel Hanisch Epidemiology
2011 Jeff Stanaway Epidemiology

Kenneth J. Anderson Staff Award

Year Recipient Department
2006 Donna Porter  
2007 Bizu Gelaye  
2008 Sung Woo Hong  
2009 Duane Beekly  
2010 Norma Desmond  
2011 Pamela Kohler  

Community Service Award

Year Recipient Department
1995 Mark Oberle  
1996 Russell Alexander  
  Allen Cheadle  
1997 Charles D. Treser  
1998 Jayne K. Paprowicz  
1999 Jane Q. Koenig  
2000 Janice E. Camp  
2001 Douglas Conrad Health Services
2002 Ellen Wijsman Biostatistics
2003 Jack Thompson Health Services
2004 James Gale Epidemiology
2005 Bruce Psaty Epidemiology
2006 Michelle Bell Health Services
2007 Matthew Keifer Environmental Health
2008 Stephen Bezruchka Health Services
2009 Amy Hagopian Global Health
2010 Andy Stergachis Epidemiology & Global Health
2011 Ann Downer Global Health

Staff Service Award
Year Recipient Department
1988 Kenneth J. Anderson Dean’s Office
1989 Neil R. Horike Environmental Health
1990 Lorraine Beverly Epidemiology
1991 Janis Arthur Health Services
1992 Jean A. Garber Environmental Health
1993 Laura Larsson Health Services
1994 Helen E. Macqueen Dean’s Office
1995 Ken Terao Health Services
1996 Research Technologists Pathobiology
1997 Velta Benson Biostatistics
1998 Margit Scholz Biostatistics
1999 Kathleen O’Brien Epidemiology
  Susan Silbernagel Environmental Health

Student Community Service Award

Year Recipient Department
1998 Jayne K. Paprowicz Health Services
1999 Kristine Wong Health Services
2000 Ted Eytan Health Services
  Abigail Halperin  
2001 Danstan Bagenda Biostatistics
2002 Nadine Chan Health Services
2003 Maile Taualii Health Services
2004 no plate  
2005 Loyce Mbewa Public Health Major
2006 Mina Halpern Health Services
2007 Joyce Tseng Environmental Health
2008 Anne Piantadosi Global Health
2009 Laurel Jennings Environmental Health
2010 no plate  
2011 Kala Mayer Health Services