Graduation Celebration 2022

2022 Graduation Celebration

students at graduation

The 2022 School of Public Health Graduation

On June 12, we recognized our students from the classes of 2022, 2021 and 2020 as they celebrated their graduation from the UW School of Public Health. We are incredibly proud of our undergraduate and graduate alumni! As part of our celebration, we delighted in the words of SPH Alumni of Impact, Joyce E.Tapley (MHA ’90), as she delivered her “welcome to the profession” remarks to eager students and their families. If you missed it, we invite you to listen and learn from Joyce’s message, along with our other 2022 SPH graduation student speakers.


Joyce Tapley, 2022 Graduation Speech

SPH Graduation Photo Album



Congratulations, graduates! If you are interested in ordering graduation photos, contact our vendor GradImages, at the following link: You may be hearing from them soon to purchase photos, too!


To alumni from the classes of 2020 and 2021,

Because you were presented and recognized individually in the online graduation in 2020 or 2021 when you graduated, this year we have chosen to recognize your class as a group. This year you can expect to parade en masse, with members of your class. We look forward to cheering for your class; your name will not be read again this year.

Your health and safety are important, and we will follow the guidance of public health experts for the event.

As an alumni from 2020 can I bring guests?

  • When you register to attend the SPH graduation, you can request up to two guest tickets.

As an alumni, how do I find out about the UW ceremony?

  • Please visit:

As an alumni, will my department also have a reception I can attend?

  • In order to determine if there are any departmental celebrations, you will want to consult your home department. 

What does it mean about not having my name called?

  • If you are 2020 or 2021 graduate you will parade with your class during the ceremony to honor you and your accomplishments! Your name was ‘called” during the slideshow of your online ceremony when you graduated in 2020 or 2021. We do want to celebrate you so come dressed in regalia if possible and be ready to be recognized as a group! 

Do attendees have to RSVP? 

  • Yes, if you are planning to attend the Graduation Celebration, please RSVP. Reminder: If you would like a graduation gift, please remember to submit your RSVP!   

When will we hear more information? 

  • Please check your @uw email for more information! If you think you may have missed an important communication, please email

Can we order regalia? 

This is outdoors. Is there a rain venue?

  • The SPH Graduation is a 'Rain or Shine' event this year. We hope for a dry sunny day, but consider rain protection if the forecast is rain.

Why can I only have 2 tickets?

  • When asked about graduation, UWSPH  students indicated that the most important considerations are: individual recognition for graduates in an on-campus outdoor ceremony. Given the priorities and available spaces and facilities on campus, we can guarantee each graduating student two guest seats. We will hold a lottery for any unclaimed seats to students who ask for additional seats. We wish this event could have unlimited guests, as in past years. However we are happy that we will be able to acknowledge graduates in person and to have some of their chosen guests present. 

I entered the lottery for more tickets. When will I find out?

  • Registration closes on May 15 and we plan to announce lottery tickets by May 20.

Will there be any day-of seats available?

  • We do not anticipate tickets available on the day of graduation. 

Will my guests get their own tickets or do I have to manage them?

  • As the graduate, you receive the tickets and distribute them to your guests. Guests will need a ticket to be seated. Please note: If children are invited guests, they will need a ticket as well. If you have further questions about the ticketing policy, please reach out to SPH Student and Academic Services at

If I have a mobility or access accommodation, who can I talk to about this? 

  • Please indicate any mobility or access needs in the RSVP/Eventbrite. For further support, please contact 

Where can I leave my coat and purse during the graduation?

  • Please take your personal belongings with you to your seats, we will not have a coat rack available. Try to travel light!

How long is the ceremony?

  • Two hours, with a one-hour reception immediately following. 

What does it mean about not having my name called?

  • If you are 2020 or 2021 graduate you will parade with your class during the ceremony to honor you and your accomplishments! Your name was ‘called” during the slideshow of your online ceremony when you graduated in 2020 or 2021. We do want to celebrate you so come dressed in regalia if possible and be ready to be recognized as a group! 
  • If you are in the SPH Class of 2022, you will be individually recognized and your name will be called. 

Parking. Where do I park? How much is parking?

Why is the ceremony so early?

  • We surveyed students regarding their preferences for a graduation ceremony and the overwhelming majority preferred an outdoor ceremony on campus. In order to meet this request, we were limited to a small number of venues on campus that could accommodate the size of our event. This date coincides with UW Commencement’s ceremony for 2020-2021 graduates so we worked in tandem with the University to manage traffic flow and pedestrian activity. We’ve done our best to accommodate students' preferences  for their ceremony while minimizing impact to other ceremonies on campus.

Can I bring my own food and beverages to this event? 

  • Graduates and guests can bring their own water bottles. We will be serving coffee at the reception only, so if you choose to bring your own coffee in the morning please finish it before you enter the event. Food is not permitted at the event. 
  • A reminder regarding UW’s Alcohol & Drug Use Policy: To help ensure the safety and well-being of employees, students, volunteers, and the general public, the University of Washington is committed to maintaining a campus environment that is free of illegal drugs, and of drugs and alcohol that are used illegally. (citation) The UWSPH requires all guests & graduates to adhere to University policy. 

Will there be any restrooms available for participants and guests? 

  • Yes. The event will have portable restrooms available near the ceremony site.


Updated FAQ as of June 7

Will this event be live streamed?

  • Unfortunately, due to limitations of our event setup and because this is an outdoor event, we are unable to deliver a quality live streamed event. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Is it possible for additional guests to attend and watch from a nearby area, even if they do not have tickets?

  • We have asked guests to arrive and be seated prior to 9:30AM. After the procession of graduates and faculty, any open seats are available. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be open seats.



Joyce Tapley

Joyce E. Tapley, MHA (1990) is the SPH Alumni Impact Award recipient and will serve as the graduation speaker this year. The Alumni Impact Award recognizes a School of Public Health graduate with a demonstrated record of meaningful service and achievement across public health disciplines and settings who inspires future public health leaders.

  • Currently, verification of vaccination status or proof of a recent negative test for COVID-19, are not required for entry into our outdoor event. Wearing a mask is optional but highly encouraged.  Requirements may change as we approach Commencement, so please check back frequently.

  • For more information on UW public health guidance, please visit: