University of Washington School of Public Health

Student Organizations

Are you looking to participate more actively in our SPH community? Meet students from across departments and health sciences schools? Make a difference in the Seattle Community? Then you’ve come to the right place! See the links below, or contact the Student Services for more information.

  • Graduate and Professional Student Senate
    GPSS is the official student government for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington.

  • Epidemiology RSO
    The Epidemiology RSO is a group of students that work to engage others within the epidemiology department in extracurricular activities. We also work to support student led events and ideas. Membership is open to all Epi students. If you have ideas of projects/events you would like the RSO to support, or have other activities you would like to bring to the group, please contact the current RSO presidents listed on the UW EPI Student Representative page.

  • Health Equity Circle
    The Health Equity Circle is an interdisciplinary organization of University of Washington students and community members focused on creating Health Equity. We believe that for a society to be healthy it must be equitable and that an equitable society is truly healthy. The question of equity, or justice, cannot be separated from health. Therefore, our mission is threefold: To bring students and community members together in an interdisciplinary setting; To educate students and community members about Health Equity; To take action on Health Equity issues through developing relationships on campus and in the larger community. Email:

  • Health Services Cohort Relations
    A professional and social group for the Health Services In-Residence MPH program. Reach us by email at

  • MHA Student Association (known as MHASA)
    The Master of Health Administration Student Association at the University of Washington is dedicated to the recruitment, education and professional advancement of future health care leaders at the University of Washington. Reach out to us at

  • Neurodegenerative and Aging Research Interest Group
    The Neurodegenerative and Aging Research Interest Group, or NARIG, exists to promote awareness, community, and scholarship of neurodegenerative and aging research among students within the School of Public Health at the University of Washington. NARIG also aims to connect interested students with local, national, and international resources to further their exploration and study of neurodegenerative conditions and aging. We welcome members from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines. Reach us by e-mail at

  • Radical Public Health-UW
    Radical Public Health - UW (RPH-UW) is an assembly of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members seeking to identify and address the root causes of today's most pressing public health challenges. Reach us by email at

  • Rotaract Club at the University of Washington Health Sciences
    UWHS Rotaract is focused on community service and health both locally and globally and is sponsored by the University Sunrise Rotary Club of District 5030. Anyone interested in making a positive impact on health is encouraged to attend. This club is open to both graduate and undergraduate students of all ages from any department at the UW. Reach us by email at

  • Students of Color for Public Health
    Students of Color for Public Health (SCPH) at the University of Washington is an undergraduate-led student organization dedicated to providing a space for students of color interested in public health. SCPH exists in order to create an inclusive space where one can feel validated, motivated, and inspired in the field through professional, academic, and social support. In addition, we strive to promote health within marginalized communities through education and service. Our core values are academic excellence, community engagement, professional development, and social justice and empowerment. Reach us by email:

  • SPH Dean's Advisory Council for Students - DACS
    DACS was established in 2014 to act as a representative body for students of the SPH, advising the SPH Dean's Office on issues of planning, budgeting, and other matters or policies that may affect SPH students.

  • Student Environmental Health Association
    The Student Environmental Health Association (SEHA) is committed to promoting environmental health education, involving members in the community and assisting in improving environmental health problems. Membership is open to all students interested in exploring the environmental factors and conditions that impact human health. Reach us by email at, or by facebook:

  • UW Student of Color Affinity Group
    SOCAG offers graduate students of color a network of students, faculty, and administrators linked by shared experiences and willing to support each other in their cultural identity. Our group engages in deliberate conversation about institutional mechanisms of graduate-student support and gaps in support, perspectives and experiences in the classroom as underrepresented students, and ways to build collective action within the campus setting. SOCAG provides a platform for the development of resilience skills at both the academic and professional level while centering the academic and interpersonal needs of marginalized students.
    Reach us by email:

  • UW Student Public Health Association
    SPHA is an official student group whose purpose is to integrate and unify students across the multiple graduate and undergraduate departments and programs at the UW School of Public Health and to create a consolidated voice to address student concerns as they arise. Reach us by email at

  • UW SPH Diversity Committee – Student subgroup (streams with main Diversity committee.) Reach us by email at