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University of Washington School of Public Health

Annual SPH Awards

The SPH Awards recognize exemplary staff, faculty, students, and community partners for their dedication, service, and many contributions they make to our School.

2014 SPH Award Recipients

Gilbert S. Omenn Award for Academic Excellence

Jonathan ChildersMaster’s – Jonathan Childers, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Jonathan excels at building bridges between urban planning and public health. For years he worked as a senior urban and environmental planner. For his MPH thesis, he worked on a Health Impacts Assessment of the Lower Duwamish Waterway, drawn to the concerns faced by South Seattle and Tribal communities during and after the river’s cleanup. His findings and recommendations were submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Seattle, local businesses and other public agencies. The city has since created a program to kick-start community revitalization efforts. Additionally, Jonathan earned accolades for his work as a teaching assistant. “This award and recognition at the School level makes me feel honored and optimistic about the future of work in the built environment and public health,” he says. “Seattle has the reputation of being a very healthy city but there are still enormous health disparities, the results of decades of incremental decisions.”

Corrie OrtegaPhD – Corrie Ortega, Global Health
Corrie, a PhD student in pathobiology, is a focused young scientist who has spent the last five years defining signaling pathways for the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. “Tuberculosis affects one-third of the global population,” she says, “and is still one of the biggest disease burdens.” Signaling pathways are like "telephone lines" the bacteria use to adapt and persist to cause disease, she explains. Corrie is also a powerful role model for girls considering a career in science. She makes time in her busy research schedule to engage in outreach to high school and undergraduate college students. Moreover, she demonstrates a passion for encouraging students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue careers in science.

Anderson-O’Connell award for Outstanding Staff Service

Shannon DelaneyShannon Delaney, Nutritional Sciences
As manager of the Nutritional Sciences program, Shannon executes a huge amount of work for faculty, staff, and students and has navigated the program through a high degree of change. As one example, she’s helped launch the new undergraduate minor, which has grown to more than 70 students in its first year. With the exception of a few years at the University of Florida, Shannon has been a staff member or student of the School of Public Health since 2000. “As a graduate of the Nutritional Sciences program, I have a great deal of pride in the program,” she says. “I try to draw from my experiences as a student and the varied roles to focus our efforts on how we can positively impact our students and enhance the program as a whole.”

Community Partners Service Award

Joe ChrastilJoe Chrastil, Sound Alliance
Sound Alliance represents a diverse group of community organizations across the greater Puget Sound area focused on practical solutions to challenges facing the lives of community members. Through group trainings and individual mentorship, Joe has provided exceptional guidance on how best to listen to community needs, research strategies for change, collaborate with stakeholders, and evaluate processes. Joe has worked closely with the Health Equity Circle to educate the SPH community on outreach and advocacy, and he has assisted students as they take action to address public health issues such as access to healthcare and immigration detention reform.

Outstanding Staff
Biostatistics – Jonas Carson
DEOHS – Nicola “Nicky” Beck
Epidemiology – Edna Ramos
Global Health – Julie Beschta
Health Services – Kristen Hammerback

Staff Community Service
Rosie Schaffer, DEOHS

Faculty Community Service
Deepa Rao, Global Health

Student Community Service
Susana Tat, Health Services

Outstanding TA
Trevor Peckham, DEOHS

Outstanding Faculty Teaching
Donna Johnson, Nutritional Sciences

Outstanding Faculty Mentor
Lisa Manhart, Epidemiology

Outstanding Undergraduate Students
Tamera Sallady, Health Informatics and Health Information Management
Tess Wilson, DEOHS
Adrienne Ton, Public Health

Outstanding Master’s Students
Biostatistics – Robin Nance
DEOHS – Kristina Blank
Epidemiology – Arianna Miles-Jay
Global Health – Gena Barnabee
Health Services – Tess Abrahamson-Richards
Interdisciplinary Programs – Maia Kurnik (Nutritional Sciences)

Outstanding PhD Students
Biostatistics – Arend Voorman
DEOHS – Tania Busch-Isaksen
Epidemiology – Colin Rehm
Global Health – Peter Cherutich
Health Services – Nancy Puttkammer
Interdisciplinary Programs – Mercy Laurino (Institute for Public Health Genetics)

Past Recipients:

2014, 2013, 2012 , 2011 & 2010