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Alumni Profile: Wren Haaland, MPH, Epidemiology '13

Wren Haaland, MPH, Epidemiology '13

Wren Haaland, MPH, Epidemiology '13

After earning her MPH (Epidemiology, 2013), Wren Haaland was hired as a research data analyst for Seattle Children's Research Institute. Haaland said her MPH training combined theory, statistical skills and practice – her practicum was with the injury and violence prevention unit at Public Health-Seattle & King County. She worked on water safety research and interventions to prevent drowning.

"I really like my job," Haaland says. "I can't believe how fortunate I was to land it." One of her projects looked at preschoolers and physical activity. Haaland crunched the numbers, while the researcher she works with now is developing interventions that could lead to more exercise. "We found kids didn't have a lot of time running around," Haaland said.