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Director- Planning, Evaluation & Tracking - NYU School of Medicine

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: New York, NY
Full-time position
Closing Date: open until filled
Job #12178
Posted: January 11, 2018

Position Summary:

The Director will lead and manage multiple and diverse assignments, with a primary focus on development of and evaluation plans for large programs/projects within NYU Langone Health. The incumbent will develop grant proposals in conjunction with investigators, and ensure that the information to conduct efficient and effective analyses of the various programs is made available. S/he will assist in helping to improve the accessibility, speed, quality, and efficiency of the institutional systems that can be used to generate these analyses.

The Director will be responsible for working with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) in their evaluation and proposal development efforts. For this specific responsibility, the incumbent will serve as the Program Director of Evaluation CTSI. These roles are CTSA grant-specific and will focus on program evaluation. In light of the highly collaborative nature of these tasks, the Program Director will foster collaborations in conjunction with the Team Science Program Director to accelerate translational research. These collaborations include multi-disciplinary teams of scientists at a CTSA hub, collaborations across CTSA hubs, and shared efforts with external public and private entities.

The Director will also support, on an as-needed basis, other programs and activities for the Office of Science and Research (OSR) and Academic Departments/Institutes, where s/he will help develop a central program to assist with Grant Writing and Evaluation activities.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Develops, continuously assesses and improves the research evaluation models to ensure that all data requirements are captured for various large and diverse programs and projects. Keeps current on relevant professional standards, trends and issues. Uses these trends to inform and refine models and projects.
  • Guides, supervises and participates in joint evaluations. Oversees technical assistance for evaluation activities within individual
  • Ensures management responses to findings and recommendations of evaluations and audits are recorded and monitored for follow-up implementation with Research
  • Coordinates effective dissemination of findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned from evaluations, to intended audience, with a view to improving the program design policy and strategy and contributing to wider
  • Creates an evaluation plan for the STEP program activities, which include developing surveys for program awareness, individual attitudinal assessments, program effectiveness, and trainee career outcomes.
  • Populate the NIH BEST cross-site evaluation data forms annually, in collaboration with STEP program personnel.
  • Develop a method to de-identify career outcomes data.


  • Imparts expertise in Planning, Evaluation and Tracking methodology.
  • Assists management in reviewing project plans.
  • Plans and designs projects that include strategic management to ensure program’s success.
  • Determines performance/impact indicators and targets.
  • Provides support to proposal development teams.
  • Ensures quality of data/statistics in project plans.
  • Creates a CV form for trainees that includes information about publications, funding, and employment.
  • Aids in framing evaluation and writing assignments for grant applications and drafting and editing sections of large grants.


  • Oversees analysis and assist in publication of data generated from all programs at NYU Langone.
  • Identifies and formulate projects using a standard model.
  • Determines data analysis procedures and use of quantitative/qualitative analysis tools.
  • Develops quarterly reports and summarize findings and project results to stakeholders, to capture data for key indicators.
  • Provides technical guidance and support to ensure data is captured.
  • Analyzes and synthesizes data to drive decision-making as well as troubleshoot data-quality issues, validate result sets, and recommend improvements for data.


Grant Development

  • Supports team science collaboration and grant writing, including facilitating planning and project management meetings and discussions, and developing and monitoring timelines to ensure on-time and high-quality submissions.
  • Streamlines processes and develops coordinated mechanisms for providing technical assistance and guidance in large scale research and infrastructure grant development and submissions.
  • Provides technical writing support as needed to senior investigators for center applications and other applications for large awards


  • Collaborates with IT to review and alter our current data and reporting system as needed and to execute the needed reports for reporting.
  • Participates in special projects and performs additional tasks as assigned.
  • Effectively communicates and develops a professional level of cooperation across the organization.
  • Supports the Department of Population Health’s strategic planning and implementation activities for research growth, particularly regarding large center grant development, and development of strategic organizational partnerships
  • Support and optimize Department of Population Health activities focused on improving the success rate (“hit rate”) of grant applications submitted by DPH to the NIH and other federal agencies


  • The Program Director will provide supervision for at least one direct report-the Program Coordinator for Evaluation of the CTSI. S/He will also supervise other program staff designated to work on evaluation for other institutional programs, centers, institutes, and research training directors that have evaluation needs.
How to Apply:

Contact: Deborah Keeling, Executive Director, CTSI:

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