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Emergency Medical Services Officer I - State of Alaska

Notice!This listing has expired and should not be applied for.
Location: Anchorage, AK (USA)
Part-time position, 37.5 hours per week
Closing Date: October 17, 2018
Job #13110
Posted: October 3, 2018

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Division of Public Health (DPH), Section of Rural and Community Health Systems (RCHS) is recruiting for an experienced and highly motivated Emergency Medical Service Officer I  to strengthen statewide Emergency Medical Service delivery through new prehospital programs.                                                               
The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Unit works with regional EMS grantees, EMS agencies, prehospital providers, healthcare facilities, communities, state and federal agencies, and other EMS stakeholders to maintain a comprehensive EMS system.  The EMS Unit certifies EMT prehospital providers, agencies, and EMS instructors; and works in collaboration with system stakeholders to develop, plan, and coordinate system improvements, based on data driven initiatives. To learn more about the Section of Rural and Community Health Systems, please visit our website at:
This position consults, designs, develops, implements, and administers prehospital programs to ensure that the Alaska EMS system is operationally and financially sustainable.  Statewide prehospital programs will improve prehospital patient care, improve the population health, reduce the cost of prehospital healthcare, and ensure the EMS agencies are sustainable. These prehospital programs include but are not limited to: EMS statewide needs assessment, Community Paramedicine, tele-health program(s), and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians mobile testing. 
Under the direction of the Emergency Medical Services Manager, the job duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Engage EMS agencies, EMS regions and healthcare facilities throughout the State to determine current capabilities and gaps associated with prehospital care and delivery. Using information from stakeholders and EMS data create a statewide EMS needs assessment to help prioritize program activities.
  • Aggregate Alaska EMS data to inform Alaska EMS agencies and healthcare facilities on state and national health indicators benchmarks and national EMS performance measures.  This information will inform the priority of developing prehospital programs that sustain the Alaska EMS system.
  • Provide prehospital technical assistance to EMS agencies, EMS Regions and healthcare facilities to build a sustainable EMS system in Alaska and ensure qualified and properly equipped EMS personnel are available to respond to the emergency medical needs of the general public.
  • Develop, implement and administer a Community Paramedicine program that improves health outcomes among medically vulnerable populations; and to save healthcare dollars by preventing unnecessary ambulance transports, emergency department visits, and hospital readmissions. The program will allow paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to operate in expanded roles and assist in providing public health and primary healthcare to underserved populations in the State. The goal of the program is to improve access to care and avoid duplicating existing services.
  • Analyze regulations, standards, national policies, protocols to inform the development of the Community Paramedic Program.
  • Assess prehospital, tele-health resources, regulations and utilization to support and assist EMS agencies and rural healthcare providers in the integration of tele-health as part of the delivery of emergency medical services.
  • Provide technical assistance to EMS agencies as they develop regional tele-health plans to assure conformity with state and federal regulations. 
  • Assemble stakeholders to implement prehospital, tele-health programs and ensure the project is sustainable at the community level.
  • Coordinate with National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to identify a process to test EMTs in rural communities that do not have access to a Pearson VUE Professional Center or Testing Center.  The EMS Officer I will administer the process and monitor for compliance.
  • Be the liaison between the state and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.
  • Remain current on all expectations, benchmarks, and performance measures required by the program`s federal granting agencies. This position will work with the State EMS Office Manager and others in the Section to determine the best method to implement the grant requirements with EMS agencies, health care facilities and systems throughout the state.

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