University of Washington School of Public Health

Diversity Committee Roster

The School of Public Health Diversity Committee is a school-wide governing body that works to foster a diverse, inclusive, engaging, challenging, and supportive social, intellectual, and scholarly learning environment that is open to diverse beliefs, values, ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds.

SPH Diversity Committee Roster
NameSPH Affiliation Department Email
Hadega Aamer Graduate Student Pathobiology
Lia Agpalo Staff Nutrition
Ryan Babadi Graduate Student EOHS
Sarah Benki-Nugent Faculty Global Health
Lauren Brackenbury Staff Health Services
Amanda Fretts Faculty Epidemiology
Mary Kernic Faculty Epidemiology
Courtney Large Undergraduate Student Public Health Major
Kate McGlone West Graduate Student Public Health Genetics
India Ornelas, Chair Faculty Health Services
Linda Oseso Graduate Student Epidemiology
Noah Seixas, Ex Officio Faculty EOHS
Noah Simon Faculty Biostatistics
Victoria Holt, Ex Officio Faculty Epidemiology vholt@uw.edeu
Jessica Williams-Nguyen Graduate Student Epidemiology

Last updated: 11/1/2016