University of Washington School of Public Health

Strategic Faculty Hires

Health Policy and Health Systems

How do we create a health system that efficiently provides the right services at the right time by the right providers and promotes the health and well-being of people and populations? Understanding the characteristics of a health system that either help or hinder best practices is the next frontier of health policy and health systems research.

The University of Washington is poised to develop its health policy expertise, creating a regional and national center of excellence.  The focus may extend both to the health care system and to the public health system.  There are opportunities for collaboration and synergy across the six health sciences schools and with important disciplines elsewhere at UW, including law, political science, public affairs, and urban planning.

The University of Washington and the School of Public Health already contribute significantly to policy and systems areas through research, service, and teaching activities that focus on:

  • Effective strategies to prevent or reduce disease and injury burdens
  • Effectiveness of alternative treatments
  • Characteristics of effective health services organizations and teams
  • The response of providers and patients to different incentives and disincentives
  • The appropriate roles of various health professionals and approaches to improve interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Effective communication and behavior change strategies
  • Effect of economic disparities on health
  • Impact of climate change and other forms of environmental damage on global health

The School of Public Health has a history of health policy research, analysis, and service. This foundation will be expanded by leveraging existing strengths of our departments, such as the Centers for Comparative and Health System Effectiveness in the Department of Health Services, population risk assessment (Biostatistics and Epidemiology), environmental poisons and occupational health services and outcomes research (Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences), and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in the Department of Global Health.

The School collaborates with other UW schools and colleges, such as the School of Law and the College of Built Environments. Growth in the policy arena will allow the School to bring evidence and sound analysis to policy discussions as health systems rapidly change.  Besides new faculty positions at SPH, a key factor in expanding the UW’s health policy and systems research and teaching will be identifying additional, upcoming faculty searches at collaborating schools and colleges with a health policy component and add new faculty who can contribute to the advancement of health policy and health systems at the UW.

If you have questions about the health policy and health systems faculty position, please contact the chair of the committee, Professor Larry Kessler

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