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Fiona Charlson - SPH Faculty Bio

Fiona Charlson


Affiliate Assistant Professor, Global Health

University of Queensland
Brisbane, QL

Research Interests

Title: Global Burden of Disease Study, 2015

Description: In order to align health systems with the populations they serve, policymakers first need to understand the true nature of their country’s health challenges – and how those challenges are shifting over time. That means more than just estimating disease prevalence, such as the number of people with depression or diabetes in a population. GBD research incorporates both the prevalence of a given disease or risk factor and the relative harm it causes. The tools allow decision-makers to compare the effects of different diseases, such as malaria versus cancer, and then use that information at home. To make these results more accessible and useful, IHME has distilled large amounts of complicated information into a suite of interactive data visualizations that allow people to make sense of the over 1 billion data points generated.


Doctor of Philosophy Candidate   University of Queensland (Australia), 2014
Master   Public Health, University of Sydney (Australia), 2007
BS   Pharmacy, University of Queensland (Australia), 1995