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Jessica Jones-Smith - SPH Faculty Bio

Jessica Jones-Smith


Associate Professor, Health Services
Associate Professor, Epidemiology

Office: 306B, Raitt Hall
Box 353410
Tel: 206-685-4579

Research Interests

Dr. Jones-Smith is an obesity epidemiologist who studies social, environmental and economic causes and correlates of obesity risk. Specifically, her research focuses on investigating distal drivers of nutrition-related health inequities and follows three main lines: 1) investigating community and individual economic resources as causal factors in obesity-related health status; 2) evaluating the obesity-related impacts of health and non-health related policies; and 3) documenting disparities in nutrition-related diseases based on socioeconomic factors and race/ethnicity, across the lifespan and in numerous populations. Her current approach combines public health nutrition and epidemiologic methods with econometric techniques to study these topics.

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PhD   Nutritional Epidemiology, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 2010
MPH   Public Health Nutrition, University of California (Berkeley), 2007
BS   Food and Nutrition Science, Loyola University (Chicago), 1999

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