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Peter Rabinowitz - SPH Faculty Bio

Peter Rabinowitz


Associate Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Family Medicine
Associate Professor, Global Health
Adjunct Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Adjunct Associate Professor, Medicine

University of Washington
Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Box 357234
Seattle, WA 98195
Tel: 206-616-0598

Research Interests

Zoonotic infectious disease; whole genome approach to infections, diseases of animal workers; microbiome interactions sharing between humans and animals; emerging infectious disease; antimicrobial resistance , diseases of animal workers; animal sentinels of environmental health hazards; One Health, noise and hearing loss

KEYWORDS: zoonotic disease; microbiome, whole genome sequencing; One Health, occupational and environmental medicine; zoonotic disease

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MD   Medicine, University of Washington, 1982
MPH   School of Medicine, Yale University, 1995
BA   Biology, Amherst College, 1978

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