University of Washington School of Public Health

Winter Course 2018 - Ethics Matters (VALUES 511)


The course is VALUES 511: ETHICS MATTERS, which is being offered in Winter Quarter 2018. ETHICS MATTERS surveys some of the main theories of and approaches to ethics. It looks at their various strengths and weaknesses, and also examines how they apply (and/or fail to apply) to a range of real-world cases and problems. Some of the ethical issues will be assigned, but others will come from the students, in response to their interests and wider work.

ETHICS MATTERS is specifically aimed at non-philosophers doing graduate work that has a significant ethical dimension. (Philosophy graduate students do not take this course).  Some students take ETHICS MATTERS as a stand-alone course. Others take the course as part of the Graduate Certificate in Ethics, for which it can function as a core course.


ETHICS MATTERS. This course aims to introduce graduate and professional students from a wide range of backgrounds to some common moral questions and to provide a basic philosophical framework for thinking about related issues that arise within their own disciplines or fields. Topics will likely include moral status, autonomy, respect, integrity, trust, responsibility and forgiveness. Students will submit weekly critical reading questions, complete an argument outline and present it to the class one week, produce a term paper proposal and annotated bibliography, and write a term paper. The course serves as a core course for the Graduate Certificate in Ethics, but is also regularly taken independently. 

SLN: 21714; 5 credits

Lecture meets: Th 1:30 - 3:20 p.m.

Instructor: Blake Michael