University of Washington School of Public Health

Public Health-Global Health Major


Departmental Honors allows students the opportunity to explore the Public Health-Global Health Major in greater depth. Departmental Honors can be completed in conjunction with Interdisciplinary Honors (to graduate with College Honors in Public Health), or alone (to graduate with Honors in Public Health).


Admission to Departmental Honors
Application to Public Health-Global Health Major Honor’s cohort is competitive.  Meeting minimum eligibility requirements, or being a member of the College Honors Program, does not guarantee admission. Students will be admitted for each cohort who will complete the Honors Seminar together over Autumn, Winter, and Spring of their final year. Students may apply to pursue Departmental Honors by completing the application available from the Public Health-Global Health Major during Winter quarter of their junior year.

Timeline for Applying to Departmental Honors

Application Deadline Notification Period Term of Entry
Winter Quarter of Junior Year 3-5 weeks after the application deadline Spring Quarter of Junior Year

Grade Expectations
To pursue departmental honors, students must have earned a cumulative UW GPA of 3.4 or higher. Honors students are required to maintain a cumulative UW GPA of 3.4 or higher, and a Major GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Honors Requirements

  1. Honors Academic Projects (Ad Hoc): Honors students complete at least two Ad Hoc projects (9CR of Coursework) within Integrated Core Courses and Public Health Electives. You design *Honors Ad Hoc Projects in collaboration with your instructors that go above and beyond what is asked of you in the course. A designated UW Honors course that is public health related may be substituted for one Ad Hoc project if approved by honors adviser.

  2. Honors Seminars (SPH 494 min 2 CR): Honors students complete at least two 1-credit Honors Seminars over autumn, winter and spring of their final year. These seminars are designed to build a strong cohort and provide experience with engaging in current real world issues in Public Health.

  3. Public Health-Global Health Capstone Project: Honors students will be expected to complete an additional course enhancement via the ad hoc process in SPH 491 + 492. The Ad Hoc project in capstone allows honors students to go deeper in reflecting on and engaging in their capstone as well as synthesizing their education in the major overall.

  4. Formal Public Presentation: Honors students are expected to conduct a poster or oral presentation. Students may present on an internship, research experience or capstone project in a public forum. Most honors students will present a poster in the SPH Undergraduate Symposium. The SPH Undergraduate Symposium, a professional conference, a sponsored colloquium, or other opportunities may also be approved by the Public Health-Global Health Major.

* What is Ad Hoc?
Honors Ad Hoc projects provide students the opportunity to work with an instructor to create a plan of additional study in particular courses. This requires significant initiative to pursue a serious amount of supplementary work. Both the student and instructor must commit to the time and effort involved. See the Ad hoc Honors website for details on the application process and timeline. Students are responsible for initiating and completing an ad hoc application during the first week of the quarter.  No exceptions are made for late applications. 

Students should consult with advisers if they have any questions about departmental honors requirements.