CEPH Accreditation

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accredits schools and colleges of public health in the United States. As part of the process, CEPH requires accredited schools to produce a self-study for each seven-year accreditation review.

The UW School of Public Health finalized its 2020 report. The report is an opportunity for the School to reflect on administrative structure, resources and educational programs – and to evaluate itself critically.

“We use the report to assess our effectiveness in relation to our mission and goals, and identify strengths, weaknesses and plans for improvement,” said Professor Emeritus Shirley A.A. Beresford, chair of the self-study oversight committee. “We are so grateful for everyone’s help in this endeavor.”

The self-study is used by an external committee who visits the school and meets with a variety of stakeholders. This committee makes a recommendation to the CEPH Board on whether the school should continue to be accredited. The last re-accreditation for the School was completed in 2013.

High-level timeline

Date Event
June-December 2019 First Draft of the 2020 Re-Accreditation Self-Study Report and corresponding materials completed
January-March 2020 Internal and External review and comment period
April-May 2020 Finalize changes from the review period and submit the first draft of the Report and corresponding materials to CEPH for review
July-September 2020 CEPH provided feedback on the Report; School completed update to submit Final Report and materials
September-October 2020 SPH prepared for the CEPH Site Visit
October 28-30, 2020 CEPH Site Visit (virtual)
December 2020 SPH received the CEPH Site Visit Findings Report
January-March 2021 SPH prepares response to the CEPH Site Visit Findings Report
April 2021 SPH submits response and corresponding materials to the CEPH Site Visit Findings Report
June 2021 CEPH Council makes decision on SPH Re-Accreditation
July 2021 SPH notified of CEPH Council decision, final CEPH Findings Report added to web site
June 2022 CEPH required on-site (one day) visit must be conducted by June 2022