Hilary Godwin, Dean Hilary Godwin
Jeffrey Harris Jeffrey Harris
Chair, Department of Health Services
Stephen Hawes Stephen Hawes
Chair, Department of Epidemiology
Lurdes-Inoue Lurdes Inoue
Chair, Department of Biostatistics
Judith Wasserheit Judith Wasserheit
Chair, Department of Global Health
Michael Yost Michael Yost
Chair, Department of Environmental
& Occupational Health
Carey Farquhar Carey Farquhar
Vice Dean for Education
Stephanie Farquhar Stephanie Farquhar
Associate Dean for Evaluation and Improvement
Janet Baseman Janet Baseman
Associate Dean of Public Health Practice
Lisa Manhart Lisa Manhart
Associate Dean for Research

Victoria Gardner

Victoria Gardner
Assistant Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Megan Ingram Megan Ingram
Associate Dean for Advancement
Uli Haller Uli Haller
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Liz Lancaster Liz Lancaster
Director, Finance and Administration
Meghan Herman Meghan Herman
Director of Human Resources
Juanita Ricks Juanita Ricks
Director for Student and Academic Services