Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Roster

The School of Public Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a school-wide governing body that works to foster a diverse, inclusive, engaging, challenging, and supportive social, intellectual, and scholarly learning environment that is open to diverse beliefs, values, ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds.

SPH EDI Committee 2020-2021

CoChairs: Ahoua Kone and Victoria Gardner; Staff: Program Specialist rukie hartman-thomas


Primary Affiliation

Noah Simon

Biostats (Faculty)

Ahoua Kone Co-Chair

DGH (Faculty)

Sarah Benki

DGH (Faculty)

Keshet Ronen

DGH (Faculty)

Ruanne Barnabas

DGH  (Faculty)

Renee Heffron

DGH (Faculty)

Julie Brunett

DGH (Staff) TBD

Susan Mello

DGH (Staff)

Corinne Mar

DGH (Staff) TBD

Marie Claire Gwayi-Chore

DGH (Student)

Barbara Baquero

Hserv (Faculty)

Holly Bergstrom

Hserv (Staff)

Carolyn Fan

Hserv (Student)

Christine Kava

HServ (faculty)

Ammarah Mahmud amahmud@uw.edu

HServ (Student)

Emily Bernet

HServ (Staff)

Akira Townes

HServ COPHP (student)

Smriti Joneja sjoneja@uw.edu

Hserv COPHP (student)

Elaine Faustman


Hayley Leventhal

EOHS (Staff)

Pauline Trinh

EOHS (student)

Anne Lund

Nutrition (Faculty)

Susan Inman

Nutrition (Staff)

Jen Balkus

Epi (Faculty)

Amanda Phipps

Epi (Faculty)

Diana Hergott

Epi (Student)

Kayla Carter

Epi TA

Yasaman Zia

Epi (student)

Omid Bagheri

PHGH (Faculty)

Jenn Slyker

PHGH (Faculty)

Apoorva Somayazulu

MHA (student)

Erkan Bertram

MHA (student)

Emily Gibson

UWMC (Staff)

Elizar Mercado

OD (Staff)

Juanita Ricks

OD (Staff)

rukie hartman

OD (Staff)

Tess Matsukawa

OD (staff)

Monet La Forge

OD (Staff)

Victoria Gardner Co-Chair

OD (Staff)


Updated: Jan 2021