Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Roster

The School of Public Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is a school-wide governing body that works to foster a diverse, inclusive, engaging, challenging, and supportive social, intellectual, and scholarly learning environment that is open to diverse beliefs, values, ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Committee Roster

Name SPH Affiliation Department Email
Marina Martinez Student PH-GH Martim26@uw.edu
Cameron B Haas Student Epidemiology cameron.b.haas@gmail
Pauline Trinh Student EOHS Ptrinh88@uw.edu
TBA Student    
TBA Student    
TBA Student    
Sarah Benki-Nugent Faculty Global Health benki@uw.edu
Elaine Faustman Faculty EOHS faustman@uw.edu
Noah Simon Faculty Biostatistics nrsimon@uw.edu
Ruanne Barnabas Faculty Global Health rbarnaba@uw.edu
Barbara Baquero Faculty HSERV bbaquero@uw.edu
Anne Lund Faculty Nutrition ael4@uw.edu
Jen Balkus Faculty Epidemiology jbalkus@uw.edu
Jen Velloza Post-doc Fellow/Staff Global Health jvelloza@uw.edu
Elizar Mercado Staff Dean’s Office emercado@uw.edu
Holly Bergstrom Staff HSERV Hb2@uw.edu
Susan P Mello Staff Global Health spmello@uw.edu
Susan Inman Staff Nutrition susani@uw.edu
TBA Staff    
Tess Matsukawa Staff (ex officio) Dean’s Office Tessm3@uw.edu
Juanita Ricks Staff (ex officio) Dean’s Office jmricks@uw.edu
Victoria Gardner Staff (Chair) Dean’s Office vg@uw.edu
Rukie Hartman Thomas Staff (ex officio) Dean’s Office mrht@uw.edu


“TBA” corresponds to available vacant positions as mandated by committee bylaws.

Updated: 09/10/2019