Jessica Jones-Smith

Associate Professor, Health Systems and Population Health
Associate Professor, Epidemiology

University of Washington
Box 351621
3980 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98195-1621


Research Interests

Dr. Jones-Smith is an obesity epidemiologist who studies social, environmental and economic causes and correlates of obesity risk. Specifically, her research focuses on investigating distal drivers of nutrition-related health inequities and follows three main lines: 1) investigating community and individual economic resources as causal factors in obesity-related health status; 2) evaluating the obesity-related impacts of health and non-health related policies; and 3) documenting disparities in nutrition-related diseases based on socioeconomic factors and race/ethnicity, across the lifespan and in numerous populations. Her current approach combines public health nutrition and epidemiologic methods with econometric techniques to study these topics.


PhD Nutritional Epidemiology, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 2010

MPH Public Health Nutrition, University of California (Berkeley), 2007

BS Food and Nutrition Science, Loyola University (Chicago), 1999

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