Expansion of COVID-19 testing

UW Public Health dean on expansion of COVID-19 testing

Our region has extraordinary capacity to fight the coronavirus, and part of that effort is greatly increasing the number of tests we can perform for the novel coronavirus. With laboratories in our state ramping up their ability to test, we’re seeing a growing number of confirmed cases. This is expected. Identifying more of the COVID-19 cases means patients, especially the most vulnerable, will get the care they need and reduce the risk of infecting their loved ones and others. Having good information also allows our great public health system to do an even better job protecting the broader community.

It is important to remember that while laboratories will be doing more and faster testing, that not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19. If you have cold- or flu-like symptoms, please contact your health provider first before visiting a hospital or clinic. Your health care provider is also the best person to talk to about whether you should be tested for COVID-19 or whether you should be tested or treated for other infections such as influenza or bacterial pneumonia.

-- Dean Hilary Godwin, UW School of Public Health