International Student Success Program

Welcome to the International Student Success Program at the University of Washington School of Public Health! 

The International Student Success Program (ISSP) was founded by Black graduate public health students who recognized the unique challenges that international students face while studying abroad, particularly those coming from the African continent. Through airport pickups, arranging temporary accommodations, gathering donated home furnishings, and providing mentorship, ISSP helps international graduate students studying public health adjust to the U.S. and UW.

Ways ISSP supports international public health students 

  • Airport pickups: Arranges free pickups from the Seattle-Tacoma International airport for when international students first arrive in the U.S. 

  • Temporary housing: Connects students with temporary housing arrangements (3-7 days) as they are looking for a place to stay in Seattle for their studies 

  • Furnishings: Shares donated furniture, bedding, and kitchen supplies for new students  

  • Community: Builds community amongst international students through events and mentorship opportunities  

Connect with ISSP 

Are you an international graduate student looking to transition to the U.S. and the University of Washington School of Public Health? Let us know! ISSP would love to work with you to help support your move to Seattle. Contact ISSP at

Support ISSP 

Want to support the work ISSP is doing? Fill out the support intake form or contact ISSP directly at