Member Services Coordinator - Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare (SMASH)

LOCATION: Seattle, Wa (United States)

CLOSING DATE: ongoing recruitment


JOB #: 13233

POSTED: November 1, 2018


Job Summary:

This volunteer position assists SMASH members with access to medical and other health-related services. Services include: scheduling, qualifying and enrolling eligible musicians into SMASH membership; updating members with understanding and qualification for new services as they become available; providing information on SMASH programs; supporting efficacy for members in appointment-making for medical services; providing referrals to other local resources that support maintaining a healthy lifestyle; providing input on member service development and coordinating the operational processes needed to support this work; and supporting and promoting SMASH services and activities.

               15-20 hours/week, for approximately 3 months

Essential Job Duties:

Under general direction of the Board of Directors, the Membership Services Coordinator will:

  1. Provide input on member qualification and service process development. Help organize processes to ensure goals are effectively carried out and members receive appropriate services.
  2. Address membership inquiries by phone or email, responding to inquiries within 48 hours.
  3. Pre-screen applicants and review member applications, schedule and conduct in-person member enrollment appointments to determine SMASH eligibility for membership.
  4. Complete member health care needs assessment.
  5. Support members in making medical appointments and provide guidance on what to expect at appointments.
  6. Orient members to qualifying SMASH services and register members for health-related events (e.g. custom hearing protection program).
  7. Maintain strict confidentiality of member information.
  8. Continually address customer service and satisfaction in all activities.
  9. Provide program support by entering accurate and complete data into database.
  10. Maintain member application and referral files, hard copy and electronic.
  11. Develop and implement methods of evaluating and improving the program and engage in team problem solving.
  12. Establish and maintain referral relationships with local organizations, agencies, institutions and businesses.
  13. Collect collateral materials (brochures, handouts etc.) for referrals to members.
  14. Demonstrate a commitment to the mission and goals of SMASH and its values of health care access to working musicians.
  15. Assist in other administrative duties facilitating SMASH organization, including but not limited to maintenance of member CRM database, developing membership systems and materials under the direction of Board committee members, creating a sustainable filing and access system for member materials, keeping Board informed of membership concerns and trends.


How to Apply:

More information and inquires of interest can be emailed to