Electronic Disease Surveillance System Data Manager - New Mexico Department of Health Epidemiology & Response Division


CLOSING DATE: December 29, 2018


JOB #: 13343

POSTED: November 29, 2018


Incumbent will participate in infectious disease surveillance and response for the State of New Mexico as part of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Bureau (IDEB) Informatics/Data Team, and IDEB Core Surveillance Team and will participate in infectious disease surveillance, assist with surveillance system administration, collaborate with subject matter experts (SME) to create new disease investigation pages in the New Mexico Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NM-EDSS), monitor daily and weekly Electronic Laboratory Report (ELR) volume, and participate in ELR validation.  The data manager will also develop and maintain data cleaning programs in SAS statistical software, develop and maintain quality assurance reports using SAS statistical software, work with SMEs to identify and correct errors in the surveillance system, create and modify data fields in NM-EDSS, and provide training and technical assistance to all NM-EDSS users. The NMEDSS is used by Infectious Disease Epidemiology Bureau to collect, track, report, and respond as needed  on Infectious Diseases in New Mexico. Data is shared with CDC on the National level. Ultimately, this activity assists in providing public health benefits to the citizens of New Mexico.

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