Health Services Consultant - State of Washington-City of Tumwater

CLOSING DATE: February 8, 2019


JOB #: 13500

POSTED: January 8, 2019


The Opportunity
Reporting to the Health Services Consultant 4, the Health Services Consultant 1 is responsible for timely, accurate and complete legal amendments and corrections to vital records in compliance with state law, rules and CHS policies and procedures.
The Division of Disease Control and Health Statistics (DCHS) works to accomplish the agency’s mission by identifying, controlling, and preventing disease and providing reliable public health information.
The Center for Health Statistics (CHS) collect health data and provides statistical analysis to identify and monitor disease and other health threats in population and provides vital records services to support the issuance of vital records used for proving identity, age and relationships to others. Public health and other government agencies can get data needed for health actions and the verification of public benefits eligibility.
This is a full-time non-permanent Health Services Consultant 1 position that is anticipated to last for 6 months. 

What will you be doing? – Duties include:

  • Review documents submitted by requestors for adoptions, amendments or corrections and use independent judgment regarding the approval and completion of requested actions.
  • Stay current on department policies and procedures related to amending vital records.
  • Comply with applicable statutes, rules, policies and procedures when approving or denying requests.
  • Produce work at a level consummate with established policy and procedures, exercising professional judgment.
  • Maintain expected turnaround times for processing vital records corrections and amendments.
  • Provide input in policy and procedures development related to vital records amendment activities.
  • Update database or hard copy record as appropriate.
  • Maintain files of affidavits and other documents in a systematized manner to assist in retrieving and referencing them in the future.
  • Provide information and clarification of laws, policies, procedures, and fees related to corrections and amendments of records to customers by phone, in person and via email.
  • Investigate the status of requests and informs customers of status and delivery timelines.
  • Functional user testing during periodic new system releases.



What we’re looking for
The ideal candidate is a team player, defined as having a driving passion for the work, bringing humility to their job and people interactions, and understanding how their words and actions affect others.
Required Qualifications

  • Two (2) or more years of experience providing products and services that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations. Assists customers in difficult and sensitive situations while staying calm and acting in a professional manner. Works with customers to identify options for getting their needs met.
  • Three (3) or more years of experience of the ability to process a large volume of form transactions in a timely manner with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Basic-level MS Excel to create, modify, print and format spreadsheets, find and replace data, work with basic formulas and functions, use templates, styles, AutoFormats, and multiple worksheets.
  • Basic-level experience using MS Word to create, format, edit, preview, print, and save documents; use standard functions to select, edit, copy, paste, format, and spell check text; create bulleted and numbered lists, indent and align paragraphs, and use bordering and shading features.

Preferred/Desired Qualifications 

  • Three (3) or more years of experience acquiring a functional knowledge of, reasonably applying and clearly communicating laws, rules and procedures that govern assigned work.
  • Associate’s degree or higher; OR two (2) or more years of successful completion of college-level course work (72 quarter hours or semester equivalent).
  • Advanced-level experience in using MS Excel to develop complex spreadsheets with macros, multiple math functions, advanced filters, and links to external sources of information; create custom toolbars and chart types, and use data analysis tools.


How to Apply:

Application Process
Intrigued? We’d love to hear from you.  Click "Apply" to submit your detailed application profile along with the following:

 A letter of interest, describing how you meet the specific required qualifications for this position.

  1. A current resume.
  2. Three (3) or more professional references, to be included in your profile. Please include at least one supervisor, peer, and (if you have supervised staff) a subordinate.

Note: Do not attach transcripts or other documents that are not requested in the Application Process, or that are password protected.  These type of documents cause errors when downloading application materials and will not be forwarded to the hiring supervisor. Veterans, please feel free to attach a copy of your DD214.

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