Emergency Communications Consultant - Washington State Department of Health

LOCATION: Tumwater, WA

CLOSING DATE: January 27, 2019


JOB #: 13525

POSTED: January 11, 2019


The Center for Public Affairs (C4PA) is an innovative approach to our communications, health promotion and partnership work. It is a place, both physical and virtual, where DOH staff and partners can engage to develop public health policy, explore new ways of communicating, create interventions based on health promotion theory, find new partners and build new relationships.
The Health Promotion section serves as consultants to the rest of the agency using health promotion theory, best practice and effective communication strategies to improve health literacy and health behaviors of people in Washington.  We assist the agency in strategic thinking and consistent messaging related to preventing disease, promoting a healthy start in life, making healthy choices and accessing services.
The Emergency Communications Consultant is assigned to Health Promotion in C4PA and is responsible for public information and emergency communications in DOH.  It supports agency goals and strategic objectives in emergency preparedness, health equity and communications. The position works very closely with communications staff to be ready for emergencies.  By effectively serving as the lead for emergency communications, the position provides key support to the department’s mission to protect and improve the health of people in Washington State. 
This is a permanent full-time Communications Consultant 5 (CC 5) position.

  • Option 1: A Bachelor’s degree or higher involving major study in communications or other closely allied field; AND three (3) or more years of experience in communications, community engagement, or emergency response.


  • Option 2: Five (5) or more years of experience in communications, community engagement, or emergency response.


  • Demonstrated experience in the following:
    • Developing and using strategic plans.
    • Managing public information using best practices.
    • Managing complex and multi-layered communications initiatives including planning and evaluation.
    • Working with diverse/underserved communities.
    • Effectively communicating both orally and in writing, with a variety of people including diverse audiences.
    • Relationship building including developing positive productive, respectful working relationships with internal/external partners.
How to Apply: