Health Promotion Specialist - Nutrition - Multnomah County Health Department

LOCATION: Portland, OR

CLOSING DATE: February 13, 2019


JOB #: 13625

POSTED: January 31, 2019


Multnomah County Health Department has a vision that includes you...Healthy People in Healthy Communities. Join a team that includes Portland’s most outstanding healthcare professionals.

The Health Promotion Policy Specialist - Nutrition will lead the nutrition strategies and activities for the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) grant. The primary focus of this position is to provide organizational leadership in nutrition, breastfeeding and food insecurity policies; to identify evidence-inform strategies that support the implementation of culturally informed programs, monitor and provide ongoing technical assistance and evaluation by working directly with a variety of community groups and internal staff and programs.

The Program Specialist will work under the supervision of the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Program Manager. As part of the REACH team, this position will work with internal and external partners to ensure engagement and support the timely delivery of the REACH Grant deliverables and overarching strategies. The REACH program works to implement population-wide strategies to promote nutrition, physical activity and community-clinical linkages in the Black/African American and African Immigrant/Refugee communities.

This position also works to support Public Health Division wide strategies and REACH contracted partners to develop and implement policy, environment, and systems-based change strategies to slow and reduce determinants of health disparities including but not limited to obesity and chronic diseases (i.e. heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes). This position develops policy and programming recommendations for the REACH portfolio and collaborates to support increase access to nutrition, support breastfeeding mothers and families, and improve food security and systems.

REACH is a federally funded 5-year-grant issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The scope of the REACH grant is, grounded in Community-Based Participatory Approaches that mesh public health and multi-sectoral partners to work toward health equity for the local Black/African American and African Immigrant/Refugee communities. The program will use communications, policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change strategies to improve nutrition, physical activity and community clinical linkages for the Black/African American and African Immigrant/Refugee population in Multnomah County. These strategies span the life-course and reach infants, youth, adults, and elders by integrating high impact, evidence-based changes into their social/physical environments. This position is essential in meeting the following performance outcomes: increase use of appropriate and locally available health and community programs in the project area; promote the use of appropriate and locally available programs; and expand the use of health professionals to increase referrals.

This position requires a strong understanding of African American and African Immigrant/Refugee communities; adhering to program goals and requirements, experience with developing policies, project management and implementing public health approaches. This includes historical knowledge of and feelings towards previous government and government funded projections with the Black/African American and African Immigrant/Refugee, as well as a thorough understanding of health inequities experienced by these communities.

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