Environmental Science Center Beach Naturalist - Environmental Science Center


CLOSING DATE: February 13, 2019


JOB #: 13626

POSTED: January 31, 2019


The Beach Heroes program introduces students to the local Puget Sound beach habitat and the organisms that live there.  During the 1-hour classroom visit, students will understand proper beach etiquette and stewardship while learning about marine invertebrates and their relationship to the beach habitat. The 2-hour field study features both naturalist-led beach exploration and structured activities, during which students will learn all about the habitat restoration of Seahurst Beach!

  • Experience teaching children and adults in outdoor or informal settings.
  • Knowledge of the Puget Sound nearshore habitat including marine invertebrate and seaweed identification, tide zonation, and ecological relationships.
  • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • Exceptional interpretive skills.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must be able to pass a Washington State background check.
How to Apply:

Please fill out naturalist application from our website https://envsciencecenter.org/about/jobs/ and send updated resume with subject line “Job Opening Beach Naturalist” via e-mail to ESC’s Program Manager by emailing joanna@environmentalsciencecenter.org by Wednesday, February 13th. For more information, email or call (206) 248-4266.