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CLOSING DATE: October 18, 2020


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POSTED: September 3, 2020


Are you a graduate student who will be enrolled for the full 2021 calendar year? Are you interested in a Fellowship designed to invest in and cultivate the emerging
US healthcare business and policy leaders of the future? Are you able to engage with and learn from perspectives that differ from your own?
If your answer to each of these questions is “yes,” then the 2021 Zetema Fellowship may be perfect for you! Students from the public health, public policy, business, medical, nursing, and journalism fields are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications are due October 18 but are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis.

We focus on the most important issues in US healthcare. Lately these have included the
pandemic’s potential future impact on the healthcare system, the challenges of contact tracing, the
development of a vaccine and public confidence in it, racial and ethnic inequities in health, the
healthcare implications of the 2020 presidential election, and many more.
The pandemic has also changed the format of the Zetema Project’s meetings - and the format of
the Fellowship. Starting in 2017, Zetema held three retreat-style, in-person meetings per year in
different cities across the US, each one lasting two to three days. We moved to our shorter but
more frequent digital format in March of 2020. In-person meetings will resume once we can assure
the safety of Panelists, Fellows, and staff.

The mission of the Zetema Fellowship Program is to invest in and cultivate the emerging US
healthcare business and policy leaders of the future. We look at the members of our Panel and ask
ourselves: “How do we find graduate students with the potential to become such leaders? How can
we foster their learning, connect them to broad and deep networks, and help them develop the key
skills and relationships that will help them succeed?”

At our meetings, Fellows present issue summaries, set the stage for conversation by debating
each other, and participate in the discussion. Behind the scenes, Fellows conduct research,
receive mentorship from our Panelists, and connect regularly with our staff to discuss content,
skills-development, and future professional opportunities.

The pandemic makes planning for 2021 challenging. We will begin with the Zoom-based meetings
and hope to hold some form of in-person meeting by the year’s end. We are seeking Fellowship
applicants who are dedicated, flexible, and ambitious.

Opportunities and responsibilities for 2021 Zetema Fellows include:

● Participating in the Zetema Project’s Zoom-based Zetema-in-Place sessions held
approximately twice monthly (these meetings are organized on a rolling basis and require
flexibility in scheduling and availability), as well as attending any in-person meetings that
may be possible in 2021 (all travel costs covered by the Zetema Project)
● Participating in bi-weekly Zoom meetings with Zetema Panelists, staff, and other guests
● Researching key topics and supporting the authorship of background documents in
preparation for the Zetema Project’s meetings
● Presenting on select topics during meetings
● Interacting one-on-one with Zetema Panelists as part of the Zetema Mentorship Program
● Responding to deadlines and feedback effectively and promptly
● Other opportunities and responsibilities as the Fellowship Program develops
● The Zetema Fellowship offers a modest stipend of $1,500 for the year

Additional Details:


Applicants applying for the 2021 Fellowship must meet the following criteria:
● Demonstrated interest in health policy, administration, research, or management
● Excellent research and writing skills
● Enrollment in a graduate program at one of the following institutions, with which the Zetema
Project has an established relationship, from January 2021 through December 2021:
Brown University Columbia University
Cornell University Duke University
Dartmouth College Emory University
Harvard University Johns Hopkins University
Stanford University UC Berkeley
UC Los Angeles UC San Francisco
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania University of Southern California
University of Washington Yale University

How to Apply:

We are accepting applications for the 2021 Zetema Fellowship now. Applications will be evaluated
on a rolling basis, so please submit as early as possible to be most competitive. The deadline for
submitting an application is 11:59pm PT October 18, 2020.

Your application must include the following materials, formatted as a single PDF:

● Resume (maximum two pages)

● Personal statement (maximum 250 words) that describes your interest in US healthcare
business and policy, how this Fellowship fits into your professional and/or academic goals,
and what you hope to gain from the Fellowship

● An original essay in two parts (maximum 500 words per part) based on the prompt below.
Essays will be judged on the strength of the arguments presented, the rigor of the
supporting research cited, and the quality of the writing.

○ PROMPT: Consider this statement: The COVID-19 pandemic will cause major,
lasting changes to the US healthcare system.

■ In the first half of your essay, argue that, yes, there will be lasting changes to
the US healthcare system. (Please focus on healthcare business and policy
issues, not the public health system, infectious diseases, or pandemic
preparedness, etc.) Describe what these changes will be, why they will occur
and have staying power, and what some of the ripple effects of these
changes might be to the system as a whole.

■ In Part B of your essay, rebut what you just wrote. Why is Part A wrong in its
assumptions and conclusions? Why is the US healthcare system more
resistant to long-term change than the previous essay asserts?
Application materials should be sent to Questions about this
opportunity may be directed to Ryann Miguel, Senior Project Associate at the Zetema Project:

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