Virtual Global Health Fellowship - Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

CLOSING DATE: February 8, 2021


JOB #: 16775

POSTED: January 8, 2021


The Global Health Virtual Fellowship offers 4-week experiences that enhance knowledge and skills in global health. Through weekly global health themes,
participants will apply theoretical knowledge to real-life application through FIMRC operations at different sites around the world. Offering both live and
self-paced options, participants leave having learned to address the needs of medically underserved populations around the world. This is done through:

Group discussions on weekly themes:

• Training modules led by healthcare professionals and field staff with experience in global health and development
• Live chats and connection to FIMRC field staff at sites around the world
• Sustainable project development that will directly benefit participants in FIMRC programs worldwide
• Clinical exposure through live observations and case study discussions
• Multi-faceted readings on relevant topics in global health, prevalent disease, and sustainable development

First Session Program Fee: $500 per person
Second Session Program Fee: $350 per person
Each Additional Track Program Fee: $250 per person

All costs associated with the Virtual Global Health Fellowship help to sustain FIMRC’s work at ten project sites in nine different countries worldwide.

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