Small-Scale Agriculture Internship Program - Undergraduates - Sound Vegetables


Part-time position, 12-20 hours per week

CLOSING DATE: open until filled


JOB #: 16794

POSTED: January 12, 2021


Do you want to grow as an intern? Former intern Andy writes “get your hands dirty and learn from the best!”

Sound Vegetables’ market garden grows with minimal soil disturbance techniques and specializes in salad mixes and root crops for restaurants with a CSA with over 50 members. 

Sound Vegetables Internship lasts 8-12 weeks and focuses on day-to-day operations and best practices in small scale agriculture. We are looking for someone new to farming to join our team for 2022 and will be offering positions out of the internship cohort. We expect 12-20 hours per week in on and off farm activities. Assistance with farm tasks include learning opportunities and are done with supervision. On a farm, hands on experimentation and familiarity with the plants in season provides valuable experience. We want our interns to learn proficiency in the areas of their interest and prioritize mastery of those during the internship. Our curriculum includes a curation of reading assignments with discussions on various literature to guide the learning process for all partners and unlock the experience of those on the path before us.  Interns are encouraged to offer ideas to improve workflow on the farm and find new techniques. We encourage this and are looking for interns with a sustained interest in farming in the Sammamish Valley to join our team.

Typical Tasks & Activities for Sound Vegetables Internship Program

  • Pruning and training vining crops
  • Garden bed preparation
  • Transplanting and seed sowing
  • Building irrigation systems
  • Harvesting crops
  • Developing markets and marketing with photography, writing, and documentation
  • Assisting market and deliveries
  • Creating written records of farm operations
  • Inspecting crops to maintain quality
  • Educational curriculum includes authors JM Fortier, David Madison, Helen and Scott Nearing, Mark Shepard, Eric Brende and others depending on the focus of the internship
  • Community research and developing knowledge of local supply chains

Housing is not offered with this internship but we do offer a stipend for some living/commute expenses, food from the farm, and cooperation with academic institutions for credit.

Additional Details:

Hours per week (approx.): 12-20

How to Apply:

To apply for the Sound Vegetables Internship program, send a cover letter to with your interest in local, organic, fresh foods and mention any skills or passions which you possess or would like to develop.

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