Research Assistant - Shared Housing Project

LOCATION: Seattle, Wa

Part-time position, 10 hours per week

CLOSING DATE: March 12, 2021


JOB #: 17040

POSTED: March 5, 2021


The RA will Follow up on the completion of a home sharing project, developing next steps in homeless research opportunities.

 The RA will collaborate on several other aspects of the study, including:

  • Analyzing the cost-effectiveness of hotel housing in relation to permanent housing vouchers
  • Mapping the geography of homelessness (comparing data sources, including assessing the potential use of Quebiq phone data)
  • Exploring the homeless variables in the Washington state merged longitudinal data set
  • Conducting a literature review to propose some research questions
  • Design and development of data collection tools
  • Completing any remaining data collection and analysis
  • Assist with database maintenance
  • Project team communication
  • Report, manuscript and/or summary writing
Additional Details:

Hours per week (approx.): 10

How to Apply:

For full position details and application requirements, click the link below. The application deadline is Thursday March 11, 2021 at Midnight.

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