Fall 2021 Turning Green Internship - Undergraduates - Turning Green

LOCATION: Sausalito, CA (USA)

CLOSING DATE: November 30, 2021


JOB #: 17613

POSTED: July 2, 2021


Application deadline November 30, 2021 11:00 AM
Posted date June 24, 2021
Seasonal role (7/1/21 - 12/31/21)
US work authorization Not required
Turning Green is excited to announce that internship applications are OPEN for Fall sessions!
Turning Green is a global, student-led movement working to create a healthy, just, and thriving planet through education and advocacy focused on climate change, environmental and social justice, health and well-being. 
If you are a high school, college, grad student or young professional interested in being a leader in the movement for a healthy, just and thriving planet and future, we invite you to apply for one of our internship positions.
Fall Session runs from July 2021 through December 2021
*Internship start date and length vary based on area of focus
We have several focus areas for fall internships, including:
Project Green Course
Project Green Course is an interactive, interdisciplinary virtual course for college students to explore climate, environmental sustainability, social justice, and public health. Launching Fall 2021, the 15-week curriculum broadens perspectives on key environmental topics and sharpens critical thinking, leadership and professional skills.
Internship roles include:
  1. Speaker outreach and curation
  2. Curriculum planning and refinement
  3. Social media content creation and promotion
  4. Participant outreach and support
  5. Academic Advisory Board development
  6. Course materials development
  7. Digital classroom development
  8. GIS projects
  9. Possible transition into TA role for Course launch 
Project Green Challenge
Project Green Challenge is a powerful, diverse call to action with 30 days of eco-themed challenges each October since 2011. Built around conscious living, grassroots advocacy, informed consumption, and movement building, as over 2m participants have transitioned from conventional to conscious by shifting mindsets and behavior.
Internship roles include: 
  1. Social media content creation and promotion
  2. Participant outreach and engagement
  3. Partnership outreach and curation
  4. Speaker outreach and engagement
  5. Event planning for PGC Finals Weekend and Annual Benefit
  6. Challenge research and editing
  7. General PGC support
  8. GIS projects
Conscious Kitchen
Conscious Kitchen is committed to food equity, education and access, shifting the paradigm around school food, while cultivating a local ecological food system, and building nutrition literacy into meals. CK partners with schools and communities to source, prepare and serve FLOSN food: fresh, local, organic, seasonal, nutritious.
Internship roles include:
  1. Assisting in building an organic supply chain for local school districts, including:
  2. Researching and contacting potential suppliers
  3. Researching different food procurement methods
  4. Keeping track of products, pricing, contact information, etc.
  5. Creating food-related educational content 
  6. Supporting the development of Conscious Kitchen Ambassador program  
  7. Conducting policy research pertaining to school food systems
  8. Social media content creation and promotion
  9. Marketing and special project development
  10. GIS projects
Specialty Projects
We are looking for a data driven intern who has knowledge of ArcGIS and digital classroom platforms. 
Internship roles include:
  1. GIS story mapping for Project Green Course participants and the ability to continue building those stories as a journal throughout the course. 
  2. Project Green Challenge mapping of participants and stories of select participants.
  3. Mapping Conscious Kitchen suppliers and story of each supplier.
  4. Building and maintaining Project Green Course’s digital classroom platform.
Additional Details:

Opportunity Start-End Dates: 7/1/2021 - 12/31/2021

How to Apply:
To apply, please submit a general internship application here and specify which role you are applying for.
Please direct questions about the position to info@turninggreen.org.

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