Farm Assistant Summer Associate VISTA - Americorps

LOCATION: Seattle/Tacoma/Bremerton, WA (US)

Part-time position, Full Time hours per week

CLOSING DATE: June 6, 2022


JOB #: 18742

POSTED: May 17, 2022


Elk Run Farm grows produce for the South King County Food Coalition. Families of South King County living in poverty need increased access to fresh produce to address food insecurity and resulting health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Many parts of the region have a high percentage of low-income families coupled with low access to healthy foods. The food banks of South King County serve over 9,000 different families every month in a region where half of children across nine school districts qualify for federal meals. The vision is to provide member food banks with year-round produce that is diverse, nutritious, and familiar to food bank clients. This VISTA opportunity is a project of Harvest Against Hunger, which connects local growers, food banks and volunteers to secure fresh produce for distribution to thousands of people throughout Washington State. The Harvest VISTA program finds innovative ways to decrease waste of fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the availability of nutritious produce for food bank clients. The VISTA Summer Associate (SA) program will work in an intensive level of summer service for 10 weeks. Beginning 06/21/2022  to 08/29/2022.

Member Duties : The SA will engage with Elk Run Farm to help expand the production of fruits and vegetables by growing, harvesting and delivering produce from Elk Run Farm to the food banks of South King County Food Coalition. The SA will also coordinate weekly Free Farm Stands at member food banks, working with the high school internship program, recruiting and training volunteers for specialized roles and working alongside farm staff. In addition, the SA will support the record-keeping and evaluation process of farm produce and farm program.

Program Benefits : Living Allowance ,  Choice of Education Award or End of Service Stipend . 

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  • Age: 18+
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How to Apply:


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Accepting Applications: 04/21/2022-06/06/2022

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