Teaching Assistant - TA : HSERV 559


Part-time position, 10 hours hours per week

CLOSING DATE: June 7, 2023


JOB #: 19631

POSTED: June 2, 2023


The course introduces students to public policy, allowing students to learn and practice policy analysis skills and writing for policy audiences. The TA will help with breakout discussion groups and assist with grading assignments on a rubric. The TA and the instructor will check in weekly for planning and evaluation purposes. The TA will join the instructor in one required meeting per final project group. The TA will be responsible for reviewing, responding to, and grading discussion board posts in a timely manner. The TA will assist the instructor with the final grading.

Additional Details:

Hours per week (approx.): 10 hours

How to Apply:

For full position details and application requirements, click the link below. The application deadline is June 6, 2023

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