Student Project Assistant for Educational and Strategic Initiatives - School of Public Health


Part-time position, 10-20 hours per week

CLOSING DATE: June 6, 2023


JOB #: 19632

POSTED: June 2, 2023


The position will support, and incorporate in its work, the School’s diversity values to “embrace and build on diverse perspectives, beliefs, and cultures to promote public health.”
The project appointment Project Assistant will be responsible for administratively supporting various projects, including: implementation of a centralized faculty database system; researching job outcomes of SPH alumni; data management/data entry; the SPH Strategic Plan; activities involved in supporting SPH research; and other various tasks and projects.

Responsibilities include:
▪ Centralized Faculty Database (Interfolio): Support project team as needed as well as cross-referencing and data entry of faculty information
▪ Job Outcomes Research: Conducting research to find graduation outcomes of recent SPH alumni
▪ Data Management/Data Entry: Support staff working to facilitate data management updates for curriculum, education, and accreditation matters within the School; create, with PowerPoint, a visual time schedule for Autumn Quarter 2023
▪ SPH Strategic Plan: Assist the team to keep track of activities conducted for the School’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.
▪ Assist team in researching and collecting curriculum-related matters at the department/program-level
▪ Other duties as appropriate, including special projects assigned by the supervisor


▪ Current UW student working towards a Bachelor’s degree
▪ Ability to work 10-20 hours per week during the summer, late June through early September, 2023
▪ Work experience in administrative/project support
▪ Experience with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
▪ Experience conducting qualitative, informational interviews
▪ Conceptual and innovative thinking skills (i.e., identifying solutions) and analytical thought needed to develop solutions across a variety of complex situations
▪ Ability to be interpersonally savvy and grounded in high stress situations
▪ Demonstrated ability to engage in change
▪ Comfortable with ambiguity and potential for change
▪ Project support skills, including task and timeline tracking
▪ Coordinating skills; able to monitor and support the progress of multiple projects simultaneously
▪ Skill in communicating effectively both in verbal and written form
▪ Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks
▪ Ability to utilize computer technology for communication, and reporting activities
▪ Experience contributing to and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

How to Apply:

Applications should be emailed to Kimberly at