Northwest Public Health - Fall/Winter 2001

Climate Change and Public Health

Climate Change: Why Public Health Practitioners Should Care
Richard Hoskins
Changing climates have a wide range of possible public health effects.

Alaska Subsistence Lifestyles Face Changing Climate
Amy Craver
Native people's subsistence lifestyle and culture face changes with a changing climate.

Public Health Responds to Drought
Richard Hoey
Drought poses significant threats to safe drinking water.

Changing Disease Patterns Demand Cross-Field Partnerships
Terry E. Creekmore
As changing climates widen the range of vector-borne diseases, human and animal health workers need to start talking to each other.

Wildfire Smoke: A Local Health Department Meets the Challenge
Shannon Therriault and Benjamin Schmidt
A case study of the public health response to wildfire smoke in Missoula.

Viewpoint. Balancing Conflicting Values
Gregg Grunenfelder
Public health professionals must balance the value conflicts implicit in protecting the public's health.

Showcase. Making the Invisible Visible: Marketing Public Health
Cheryl Juntunen and Linda Powell
South Central District Health finds that involving the community yields rich benefits for improving the visibility of public health.

Public Health Meets the Rainbow Family
Todd Damrow and Christine G. Hahn
What happens when 20,000 people gather in a rural setting?

Northwest Region at a Glance
Public health budgets and structures in the six Northwest states.

Policy Watch. State Legislative Sessions Update
Decisions during 2001 legislative sessions affect public health in the Northwest.

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