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From 2000 to 2018, the Northwest Public Health magazine was published by the University of Washington School of Public Health and produced by the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice. Starting in 2019, the magazine was relaunched as University of Washington Public Health.

Northwest Public Health was dedicated to the art and science of public health, specifically the Northwest region, and featured developments from state, local and tribal public health from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. The publication also highlighted the cutting-edge work done by the diverse disciplines at the University of Washington School of Public Health, including biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, global health and health services.


Links are to PDFs of each issue

Fall 2018
Sanctuary from Stress
Spring/Summer 2017
Envisioning Healthy People in Sustainable Communities
Spring/Summer 2016
Digging Deeper to Solve Our Hardest Health Issues
Spring/Summer 2015
Big Data: the Path to Healthier Communities?
Spring/Summer 2014
States of Reform: Public Health and Health Care Transformation in the Northwest
Spring/Summer 2013
Public Health Leadership for Changing Times
Spring/Summer 2012
Innovative Approaches to Improving the Public's Health
Spring/Summer 2011
Cross-border Public Health
Fall/Winter 2010
Healthy People. Community-Based Prevention.
Spring/Summer 2010
Building on Yesterday. Ready for Tomorrow.
Fall/Winter 2009
Bridges to the Future: New Partners. New Tools.
Fall/Winter 2008
Climate Change: Challenging Public Health
Spring/Summer 2008
Preventing Obesity: Moving Beyond Individual Responsibility
Fall/Winter 2007
Public Health Serves the New Elderly
Spring/Summer 2007
Our Youth. Their Lives. Public Health and Adolescents
Fall/Winter 2006
Keeping Workers Healthy and Safe
Spring/Summer 2006
Special Populations and Public Health
Fall/Winter 2005
Four years later—and after Katrina: Are we prepared yet?
Spring/Summer 2005
Health and the Built Environment
Fall/Winter 2004
Taking Stock of Public Health in the Northwest
Spring/Summer 2004
Public Health Tackles Emerging Diseases
Fall/Winter 2003
Workforce Development in Challenging Times
Spring/Summer 2003
The Challenges of Environmental Health
Fall/Winter 2002
Policy, Law, and the Public's Health
Spring/Summer 2002
Public Health Prepares for Bioterrorism
Fall/Winter 2001
Climate Change and Public Health
Spring/Summer 2001
Workforce Development in the Northwest States
Washington Public Health Fall 2000