Northwest Public Health - Spring/Summer 2002

Public Health Prepares for Bioterrorism

Public Health Responds to the Spotlight on Bioterrorism
Jack Thompson
Workforce development is a major factor in adequate preparation for public health emergencies of all kinds, including acts of bioterrorism.

Missoula Prepares for the Unlikely
Jean Curtiss
Dealing with a chemical spill in the mid-1990s gave Missoula Health Department the opportunity to test and improve its emergency plan.

Oregon Develops Emergency Exercise Program
Michael McGuire
The Oregon Department of Health Services is implementing an emergency preparedness exercise program.

The Model Act: Is It the Best Way to Prepare for the Next Public Health Emergency?
Kenneth Wing
How extensive should the Model Emergency Powers Act be?

Crisis Communication: To Be Effective, Treat it Like Water
Maxine Hayes
When you're prepared, a crisis is a perfect opportunity to spread the word about public health.

The Health Alert Network in Action
Patrick W. O'Carroll, Paul Halverson, Deborah L. Jones, and Edward L. Baker
Public health's national early warning and response network proved its worth on September 11.

The Montana Health Alert Network
James Aspevig
Montana's Health Alert Network is based on sustainability, multiple-use, and leveraging the Internet.

Public Health's Winter Games: Bioterrorism Surveillance in Wyoming
Annette G. Heryford and Laura E. Boodleman
"Have a plan and work the plan" proves to be a strategy that benefits public health departments as well as athletes, as Wyoming Department of Health conducts a surveillance program during the 2001 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Outbreak in Wyoming: Deer Flies or Bioterrorism?
Scott A. Seys and Annette G. Heryford
An outbreak of tularemia tests the Wyoming Department of Health's ability to assess unusual disease outbreaks.

Veterinarians and Public Health: Sharing Information in Idaho
Leslie Tengelsen
In rural areas, veterinarians may be the first to identify a bioterrorist attack.

Viewpoint. Keep Our Eyes on the Prize
Mohammed Akhter and Brian Saylor
American Public Health Association comments on the implications of bioterrorism preparedness for public health systems improvement.

Washington Drills on Distribution
Washington Department of Health held a drill to test its National Pharmaceutical Stockpile distribution plan.

Assessing Workforce Training Needs in the Northwest
Susan Yee
A new report on the regional public health workforce highlights key training needs.

Policy Watch. State Planning for Bioterrorism
How the Northwest states are planning to use their bioterrorism money.

Northwest Region at a Glance
Emergency capacity and public health laboratories in the Northwest states.

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