Northwest Public Health - Spring/Summer 2003

The Challenges of Environmental Health

Pursuing Environmental Health Through Community Assessment
Latricia Tillman
Through the PACE EH process, Multnomah County Health Department is finding ways to involve community members in assessing and improving community environmental health issues.

Environmental Justice Action Group
Latricia Tillman
The Environmental Justice Action Group, one of the community groups involved in Multnomah County Health Department's PACE EH project, works to reduce pollution in low-income and minority communities.

Cattle and Campylobacter—Risk Factors in Rural Environments
Annette G. Heryford and Scott A. Seys
The authors describe an unusual infection path for one of the most common foodborne illnesses.

Communicating Risks About Alaska Natives' Food
Carl M. Hild
Respecting Native Alaskans' traditions requires rethinking typical approaches to research and risk communication.

Mercury Rises as a Health Concern
L. B. Sandy Rock
Mercury, although a useful chemical, pervades our environment, increasing concerns about its negative health effects.

Indoor Air Quality Counts with Students
Maryanne Guichard and Jude Van Buren
School districts are working with public health agencies to improve indoor air quality in aging school buildings.

Preventing Water Recreational Illnesses in Washington
Pamela Wild and Rebecca Brown
A simple prevention program makes summer water recreational activities safer and healthier.

Enhancing Environmental Health Through Training in Essential Services
Carl S. Osaki
A pilot training project in the northwest brings environmental health workers up to speed on the ten essential public health services.

Policy Watch. Northwest States Prepare for Bioterrorism: Smallpox Pre-Event Vaccination Plans
What the northwest states are doing to implement their smallpox vaccination plans (current as of 3/15/03).

Viewpoint. Public Health and War: War Is Bad for the Public's Health
Amy Hagopian
One public health professional speaks out against war.

Northwest Region at a Glance
Environmental health survey responses and environmental health functions in the Northwest states. 

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