11 faculty promoted, 4 receive tenure

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Eleven core faculty members in the University of Washington School of Public Health were promoted, effective July 1, 2018. 


Robyn McClelland, Biostatistics - Research Professor

Ken Rice, Biostatistics - Professor

Daniela Witten, Biostatistics (joint Statistics) - Professor

Jennifer Otten, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences - Associate Professor

Peter Rabinowitz, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences - Professor

Joseph (Chris) Delaney, Epidemiology - Research Associate Professor

Janet Baseman, Epidemiology - Professor

Stephen Hawes, Epidemiology - Professor

Ann Vander Stoep, Epidemiology (joint Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) - Professor

Judd Walson, Global Health (joint Medicine) - Professor

Renee Heffron, Global Health - Associate Professor

The School also conferred tenure to four faculty members: Peggy Hannon, professor of health services; India Ornelas, associate professor of health services; Anne Turner, professor of health services; and Peter Rabinowitz, professor of environmental & occupational health sciences.

A dozen core faculty members received promotions during the 2016-17 academic year.

Susanne May, Biostatistics - Professor

Sharon Browning, Biostatistics - Professor

Ali Rowhani-Rahbar. Epidemiology - Associate Professor

Marcia Weaver, Global Health - Research Professor

Joseph Babigumira, Global Health - Associate Professor

Abraham Flaxman, Global Health (joint Medicine) - Associate Professor

Ruanne Barnabas, Global Health (joint Medicine) - Associate Professor

India Ornelas, Health Services - Associate Professor

Linda Ko, Health Services - Associate Professor

Paul Fishman, Health Services - Professor

June Spector, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences - Associate Professor