Husky 100 taps 15 students from the School of Public Health

Monday, May 24, 2021
Husky 100

Fifteen students from the University of Washington School of Public Health have been selected as part of this year’s Husky 100, which recognizes 100 UW undergraduates and graduate students who are applying what they've learned in the classroom and making a difference on campus and in their communities.

These students include implementation scientists passionate about reframing the way we practice public health and global health, researchers seeking community-driven and culturally relevant solutions to promote health and prevent disease, budding practitioners and policy change-makers driven by equity and anti-racism, and thoughtful leaders who aim to improve access to and delivery of health care in partnership with communities. 

The public health students featured on this year's Husky 100 include first-generation college and graduate students who forged their own educational paths as well as a student who was raised by epidemiologist parents. Some students are the children of Afghan, Indian, Southeast Asian and Ethiopian immigrants, while one student is the daughter of two UW custodians.

Several students are from right here in Washington state, while others were raised in Selma, Alabama, and San Ramon, California. Still others have travelled from Lebanon, Kenya and Colombia to pursue their degrees and make an impact in the world. 

Congratulations to the following SPH students who made the 2021 Husky 100:

Najma Adbi

Najma Abdi,

Junior, Public Health-Global Health major

Avneet Bhullar

Avneet Bhullar,

Senior, Global Health minor

Michelle Bulterys

Michelle Bulterys,

PhD student, Epidemiology

Renée Codsi

Renée Codsi,

MPH student, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences (One Health)


Kush Doshi

Kush Doshi,

Master of Health Administration student, Health Services

Debora Ferede

Debora Ferede,

Junior, Global Health minor

Alyssa Frugé

Alyssa Frugé,

Master of Health Administration student, Health Services; also alum of Public Health-Global Health major

Mehria Ibrahimi

Mehria Ibrahimi,

Senior, Public Health-Global Health major





Kaushik Komandur

Kaushik Komandur,

Senior, Public Health-Global Health major

Sumaya Mohamed

Sumaya Mohamed,

MPH student, Global Health

Naomi Nkinsi

Naomi Nkinsi,

incoming MPH student, Global Health

Juan Osorio-Valencia

Juan Osorio-Valencia,

MPH student, Global Health (Leadership, Policy and Management)


Evalynn Fae Taganna Romano

Evalynn Fae Taganna Romano,

MPH student, Global Health




Dorothy Thomas

Dorothy Thomas,

PhD student, Global Health (Implementation Science)

Beatrice Wamuti

Beatrice Wamuti,

PhD student, Implementation Science, Global Health (Implementation Science); also alum of the MPH program in Global Health

The Husky 100 recognizes students from across the UW Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses who are making the most of their Husky experience. The award comes with several benefits, including networking opportunities, invitations to exclusive events and customized career counseling from the UW Career Center.