Emma Spickard

BS 2019, Public Health-Global Health (College Honors)

Finding the intersection between public health and policy

Emma just returned from an eight-month solo trip through South America and Southeast Asia as a UW Bonderman Fellow, during which she experienced firsthand the value of equitable health care for all as well as the utilization of other ways of healing. As a senior, Emma received the UW President’s Medal, the highest honor awarded to undergraduates. She was recognized for her academic accomplishments and her work with the greater Seattle community.

Committed to changing the narrative around homelessness, Emma partnered with Real Change, a local nonprofit, to facilitate important community conversations around a proposed plan to redevelop unused Army land into affordable housing. She helped organize a public panel of stakeholders, including unhoused individuals. She furthered this work by collaborating with another UW student to create a video dispelling common misperceptions about houselessness. During her undergraduate career, Emma helped to organize an informational panel to prepare UW students to take part in Legislative Education Day, when public health advocates convene in Olympia to educate lawmakers about the importance of public health funding. She now brings her passion for public health and health equity into her work as campaign manager for a progressive candidate for the Washington House of Representatives.

Affiliations: Campaign Manager, Liz Berry for State House; UW Bonderman Fellow, 2019

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