Gary Churchill

PhD 1988, Biostatistics

Disentangling complex human diseases & aging

Gary is not a lone hero but one who uses ingenuity to assemble and motivate teams from every part of science and society to create sustainable change. His creativity has moved whole study areas forward, such as the field of gene expression design and analysis. He has also made fundamental contributions to the understanding of complex human diseases using the mouse as a model system. Perhaps most noteworthy is his work to disentangle the mechanisms of aging, which remains one of the greatest unsolved biological mysteries. His efforts could provide pathways to medical and lifestyle interventions that might improve the human health condition.

Gary is more than a biostatistician and geneticist, he is also a resource builder for the community. He was a key player behind two priceless mouse resources for complex trait analysis that continue to supply genetic material and data to investigators worldwide. Above all, Gary is a committed mentor and science communicator who is genuinely dedicated to inspiring others to go on to make an impact on public health.

Affiliations: Karl Gunnar Johansson Endowed Chair and Professor, The Jackson Laboratory; Co-Director, Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging, The Jackson Laboratory, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Senior Editor, Genetics; Associate Editor, Genome Research; Associate Editor, Mammalian Genome

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