Heather Fowler

PhD 2017, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

Protecting worker health, safety in the pork industry

Heather is a globally recognized leader in the field of One Health, a multidisciplinary approach to complex health problems involving humans, animals and the rapidly changing environments we share. Heather plays a pivotal role as the Director of Producer and Public Health for the National Pork Board. In this position, she works side by side with pig farmers in the U.S. to address key public health issues such as understanding and mitigating zoonotic disease transmission such as influenza, improving knowledge and outcomes related to MRSA, antimicrobial use and resistance, as well as worker safety and health. Recently, she’s been focused on preventing and mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on the pork industry workforce  by sharing and translating existing guidance to practices on the farm. Heather, who is also a veterinarian, is an energetic and effective mentor for public health students who come from the veterinary profession as well as those from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Affiliations: Director, Producer and Public Health, National Pork Board

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