James Kiarie

MPH 2001, Epidemiology

Advancing HIV prevention and treatment worldwide

A Kenyan obstetrician gynecologist, James’s research has contributed to significant advancements in HIV prevention and treatment. When he attended the School on a competitive National Institutes of Health scholarship, HIV treatments were not widely available in Kenya. Since then, James has led numerous influential studies, including the landmark Partners in Prevention study, which demonstrated the efficacy of pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection. In collaboration with UW faculty, James also directed a program to improve training in HIV and related conditions at the University of Nairobi School of Medicine, which at the time trained more than half of all Kenyan doctors. At the World Health Organization, James now employs his skills as a consensus-builder to advance reproductive health globally. James is also known as an enthusiastic supporter of the next generation of public health professionals, mentoring exceptional new leaders to take the helm of his research programs.

Affiliations: Unit Head, Contraception and Fertility Care, World Health Organization; Affiliate Faculty, Global Health, UW Schools of Public Health and Medicine

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