Saori Kitabatake

MPH 2017, Global Health

Protecting the Pacific from the effects of climate change

Saori is working to reduce the impacts of climate change on health in island nations in the Pacific by translating evidence into policy and practice. As a technical officer for the World Health Organization, based in Fiji, Saori works with ministries of health in 21 countries across the region around climate change and health and other environment-related issues. She connects researchers to local practitioners to develop evidence-based policies that consider climate change, and she helps mobilize resources to support national efforts to implement those policies.

Saori also supports health sectors as they respond to the threats posed by climate change, particularly focusing on those most vulnerable populations. Through partnerships, she is also raising awareness of the benefits of taking climate action now. Additionally, within the WHO, she has advocated for integrating climate change into all health programs to ensure the organization addresses the wide-ranging implications, from climate-sensitive diseases to weakened health systems and effects on social determinants of health.

Affiliations: Technical Officer for Climate Change and Health, World Health Organization-Western Pacific Region

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