Jeffrey Leek

Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Biostatistics
PhD, Biostatistics '07

Jeffrey Leek is an innovative data scientist and educator whose work has had far-reaching impacts on molecular biology, cancer research and neuroscience. His lab seeks to understand variation in human gene expression and how it relates to normal development and disease. He also is helping to create a new field that studies the ways people use and understand data, which has important implications for the spread of false information on social media and the reliability of published data. Jeff is committed to making data science accessible to students and people in a variety of professions around the world.

He has developed and taught several massive online open courses (MOOCs) that have provided affordable statistics instruction to more than 8 million students globally. Most recently, he has been partnering with community-based organizations to teach data science in underserved communities as a path to economic and public health development. Known for being incredibly generous with his time, Jeff has served on many national and international panels and charitable organizations focused on breast cancer, adverse pregnancy outcomes and advancing bioinformatics research.