Sarah Lewandowski

MPH, Public Health Genetics '21
Seward, NE

Sarah Lewandowski is a project administrator at the UW, after graduating with an MPH, Public Health Genetics.


What drew you to public health genetics?

Genetics was always my favorite field within the biological sciences, and I love the public health spin that this program puts on it. Human genetics is not just bench science. There are so many interesting ethical, legal and social implications in the public health genetics field.

What interests you the most about the field?

It's changing so quickly! Due to the plummeting costs of genetic testing in combination with the speed of technological advances, genetic testing is becoming relevant in a wide variety of settings that were previously unheard of. I am excited to see where the field will go. 

What motivates you about public health?

My most recent job was in a clinical lab where we meticulously churned out one test result at a time, so I really love that public health allows you to have such a big impact at the community or population level.

Why did you choose the UW School of Public Health?

There are very few programs like the public health genetics program here at the UW School of Public Health. It was one of the few master’s degrees that I researched that really spoke to me and my niche interests.

What sort of research are you interested in?

I’m interested in the ethical, legal and social implications of genetic testing and ways to improve genetic services.

Any hobbies or extracurricular activities?

I love to read, mostly non-fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, horror. I have two dogs named Porkchop and Scoob, and we take a lot of walks.

What do you like most about Seattle?

I love how close the mountains are to the city. I also love the food.