Diana Gabriela Aguilera

MS/Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Phoenix, AZ

Why did you choose the UW School of Public Health?

Because of the amazing Nutritional Sciences Program. I remember coming to prospective student visit day and I was very surprised by how welcoming everyone was. The faculty and staff were truly interested in knowing you and helping you succeed.

What drew you to nutritional sciences?

I was initially drawn to nutritional sciences because I wanted to learn more about how our body processes nutrients and how those nutrients interact within our bodies. As I dove deeper into my field of study, I realized that nutrition and public health are very much interrelated.

What interests you most about public health?

The potential for making a big impact in the community I will serve as a health professional.

What sort of research are you working on?

I’m working as a research assistant and I’ve been very fortunate to collaborate with second-year students in the Nutritional Sciences Program who are assessing weight stigma and bias among different interdisciplinary fields. I am interested in analyzing how weight stigma and bias continue to perpetuate stereotypes about people in larger bodies and how that affects their perception of health care professionals.

What are your future goals?

I hope to work as a clinical dietitian specializing in eating disorders.

Any hobbies or extracurricular activities?

I enjoy hiking and being outdoors. Coming from the sunny Arizona desert to Seattle’s gray weather has been a difficult adjustment, but being outdoors has helped.

What do you like most about Seattle?

The food! There are so many different food options everywhere. I don’t have to travel too far from where I live to find what I’m craving.