Jillian Anderson

Global Health Minor '20
Ferndale, WA

Jillian Anderson studied Global Health at the UW.


Why did you choose to pursue the minor in global health?: 

​I knew that the knowledge I would gain from the course classes would be valuable life information. I think it is important to be an informed citizen in the topics of climate change, cultural humility, environmental health, political science, etc. and I knew that this program would provide me with that ability.

How does it compliment your core major studies?: 

As someone who has also studied communications and sales throughout my time in college, I feel as though the global health minor was a great compliment to my studies. It provided a humbling balance that was necessary for personal growth and has allowed me to view my future career in a new, more culturally adapt, lens.

What was most valuable about your global health coursework?: 

For me, the most valuable topic that I spent time studying was Environmental Health. It is something that is becoming increasingly important in our world and is something that we cannot ignore. Getting educated, and being able to share this knowledge with others, in this area is something that is extremely valuable to me, our community, and the world.

What experiences at the UW have been most influential?: 

During my time in the program I had the opportunity to listen to a vast array of guest lectures (whether through my classes or special events) who spoke on many different topics. I gained in depth knowledge, from experts in the fields of maternal and childhood health, economies of developing nations, climate change, mental health, vaccines for communicable diseases, and much more.

What are your professional goals?: 

My professional goals are to work in the area of public relations as a communications coordinator. I hope to be able to work for an organization that is committed to creating positive change in our world.

How do you anticipate using your minor in your future?: 

My minor has opened up my eyes to the ways in which one individual can make a lasting impact in their community. I can see myself coordinating internal and external communications for an NGO.

Anything prospective/current GH Minor students should consider to maximize their experience in Global Health (events, classes, global health faculty or  staff to connect with, etc. you experienced and enjoyed): 

I have really enjoyed all of the extra events that have been offered to us, I think it is very important to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as you can. Like most things in life, you will get out from your education, what you put in. I think this is especially true in the area of global/public health. In order to maximize your experience, dive into your studies and don’t be afraid to ask questions!